Bar Code Labels

Just give us the numbers* that you need and
we will create your UPC-A bar code for Free,
with your label order purchase!
You may also supply the artwork for the barcodes, however, we do not guarantee
the readability of the code unless we supply it for you.
Please request more information, if you need a barcode other than a UPC.


Example of a UPC bar code sticker:

The UPC bar code fits nicely on stickers measuring 1" or 1" wide;
the smallest width of labels these bar codes can be printed on would 1".
We recommend black ink on white material for best readability.

If you order more than one bar code,
each number will be considered a separate order, until 10,000.
Example - if you order 1,000 each of 5 bar codes,
you would have to order at the 1,000 lot sticker price, 5 times
(once for each bar code).
If you order a total of 10,000 or more labels,
please request a quote for a lower quantitive price -
(Do not order them separately, as this will cost you more).

How To Obtain A Bar Code Number:

The first 6 numbers on a UPC(A) bar code are the Universal Product Code Company Identification Number. In the USA, a company can obtain a company identification number by becoming a member of the Uniform Code Council. The UCC charges at least $750 plus a recurring yearly fee to maintain membership. This is not a government organization, nor is it a government requirement to have a bar code on your product, however it may be a requirement of many distributors. At this time, there is no other organization that licenses UPC company identification numbers.

The next set of 5 numbers is the product code. You establish what numbers you will use to identify each of your products. Each product number must be unique. For example, if you have two different sizes of the same product, each must be assigned a different number. When you assign the numbers, you should communicate them to your distributors.

The last number is called a check digit. This number is automatically calculated from the company i.d. and product reference numbers, by our bar-code graphic-generating program. It is used to ensure the data has been correctly composed.

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